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Weeping Rock Trail

Weeping Rock is one of the more well-known landmarks at Zion National Park. It is also an extremely easy-to-access attraction within Zion.


Weeping Rock is a famous landmark of Zion National Park and is an easily accessible tourist attraction. Weeping Rock is a large bowl-shaped alcove where the lower layer of sandstone has eroded away; water that has been slowly descending within the sandstone formations reaches an impermeable layer of rock and is forced out the side causing the “weeping.” The weeping walls form a beautifully lush hanging garden with a little flowing stream below. A short 10-minute stroll takes you under the beautiful alcove with wonderful water sprinkling from above.

Riverside Walk

The Riverside Walk trail is a beautiful, short hike in Zion National Park. This easy Zion hike is on a relatively level, laved trail. It offers stunning and peaceful views of the Virgin River as it snakes through the valley. Additionally, one will find expansive hanging gardens, and trees that are surrounded by towering “weeping walls”.

This hike is the first chunk of The Narrows, before getting to the river input. It is a family friendly hike, and is wheelchair accessible. The Riverside Walk is suitable for everyone from young children to the elderly. A mostly level hike with minimal inclines or declines, Riverside Walk is a two-mile round trip. It can take anywhere between one to two hours to complete, depending on your hiking speed and how many stops your group decides to make. This is one of the most rewarding easy hikes in Zion.

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