Strenuous Hikes

Angels Landing Trail

Angels Landing is a beautiful, long trail that leads to some of Zion National Park’s most stunning sights. This includes Angels Landing’s fin-like mountain, which is a favorite photo opportunity for many hikers.

With elevations of up to 1,500 feet, this not a trail for those with a fear of heights. Instead, it is for those looking for some of the most unique rock formations in Zion. Angel Landing is a 5.4-mile round trip hike that starts at Grotto Trailhead. It includes a strenuous uphill climb through rocky terrain leading to it’s impressive and harrowing summit.

The level of difficulty most certainly rewards hikers that accept the challenges of this trail. This exhilarating hike up the spine of this mountain awards you with spectacular sights of the canyons below. There are also plenty of places to stop and rest on this trail before reaching the final viewpoint. However, please note that there is limited stopping opportunities when traversing the final piece of the trail.

This iconic summit is the final point of the trail. It gives visitors a 360 degree viewpoint that is arguably one of the greatest spots for sightseeing in Zion National Park. In fact, Angels Landing is the highest rated hike in the United States by review aggregator AllTrails.

There is plenty of wildlife up and down the trail for hikers who enjoy furry, friendly nature. If you have the energy and are looking for a challenge during your hiking experience, Angel Landing is the trail for you. On average, the Angels Landing trail takes hikers four hours to complete. However, when busy, it can take up to six hours to complete. This is also dependent on trail and weather conditions.

Angels Landing is quite the uphill climb for even the most avid hiker. The majority of the trail is very exposed to intense weather conditions so it’s recommended that hikers take precaution before attempting this trail.

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Hidden Canyon Trail

Hidden Canyon trail is stretched out in the main canyon of Zion National Park. It is tucked neatly inside the Hidden Canyon, hence its name. This snake-like trail is about two and a half miles long. It takes you from the well-known Weeping Rock, up to the Hidden Canyon, situated next to the legendary Great White Throne.

This strenuous trail takes hikers around two and a half hours to complete. The Hidden Canyon trail includes a 1,000-foot incline into the mouth of the canyon. This trail is a real treat for visitors looking for a little bit of everything.

Starting from Weeping Rock, you’ll experience a forest filled with foliage, wildlife, and water streams. This will quickly transition into a narrow rocky upward climb into the moss-covered walls of this hidden canyon.

The level of difficulty for this trail varies throughout the journey, from the obstacle course of scrambled boulders to a steep 1,000-foot climb. Hikers looking for a strenuous challenge with a picturesque reward should put Hidden Canyon on their to-do list.

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Observation Point Trail

Observation Point trail is one of the longer trails in Zion National Park. Located in Zion’s Main Canyon area, this trail serves a pleasure for many skilled hikers. Stretching from Weeping Rock to its final viewpoint “Observation Point” this, trail measures eight miles round trip. It takes hikers up to six hours to complete with optimal conditions.

The climax of the trail occurs at the final viewpoint. It provides a glimpse of Zion’s true beauty. Perfect for photographers and sightseers, any hikers that reach this point will see a stunning rocky mountain range unlike anything they’ve seen before.

The strong contrast between rich forest and rugged mountains is a breathtaking view to enjoy. This strenuous 2,100 foot incline is a workout for hikers who zig zag up to Observation Point. Most pleasant in the fall, winter weather and hot summers can make this trail more challenging. Hikers looking for an amazing view and a rewarding workout will love this trail.

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The Narrows Trail

The Narrows trail is one of the most legendary hiking experiences in Zion National Park. The majestic walls of this narrow gorge make this trail a must see journey for hikers. Visitors enjoy  the calm streams from the Virgin River that cool hikers embrace through the trail and the majestic canyon walls that shade travelers that journey up The Narrows.

The Narrows is a long 9.4-mile hike that take hikers up to eight hours to complete. However, unlike other strenuous trails in Zion, the Narrows is quite level with a 334-foot elevation which is perfect for hikers that are not looking for the uphill climb but still enjoy a nice long distance journey. The Narrows Trail is very photogenic boasting unique canyon walls, immense rock structures, and crystal blue water streams that flow along the trail. Despite some strenuous parts of the trail it is doable for children hikers and is a great hike for families especially in the summertime. Unlike most trails, spring is not ideal for this trail as the intense runoff from the mountains produces strong river flow and heights.

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Kolob Arch Trail

Kolob Arch trail is an exciting trail that serves as one of the four options in the great La Verin Creek Trail in the Kolob Canyon area. Beartrap Canyon, and Willis Creek all share the La Verin Creek Trail but none stand out like the Kolob Arch trail. The Kolob Arch trail is a brisk hike through the Kolob Canyons that leads visitors to the famous Kolob Arch. The Kolob Arch is a titanic stone arch that serves not only as one of Zions most prized landmarks but is also the second largest freestanding arch in the world. Kolob Arch continues to attract hikers of all ages as this iconic landmark and the journey to get to it has been a memorable event for generations of hikers.

Kolob Arch trail is a 14-mile hike, that takes visitors over eight hours to complete. Hikers that take on this trail will see a wide range of plants, wildlife, mountain ranges, and a abundance of wild streams throughout the trail. Kolob Arch trail is a day-hike prefered choice for most who journey this signature trail in the Zion National Park. The one of a kind sites do come with a cost as Lee Pass alone measures a 1,000-foot climb that weighs on most hikers that accept the challenge.

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