Timber Creek Overlook Trail

  • Shuttle Stop #, [Kolob Canyons Road]
  • Estimated Roundtrip Time: 0.5 hours
  • Distance: 1.0 miles/1.6 kilometers
  • Elevation Change: 100 feet/30 meters

About the Timber Creek Overlook Trail

Follow East Kolob Canyon Road past the Taylor Creek trailhead parking all the way to the end of the road at the Kolob Viewpoint. There you will find a small parking lot and the trailhead for Timber Creek Overlook Trail. This trail is short and often overlooked by hikers looking for more adventurous trails but the views from the end of this trek are worth seeking out. Perhaps after making the Taylor Creek hike, consider spending the afternoon here at Timber Creek Overlook and catch the sunset from a spectacular vantage point.

Facing south, you’ll climb a gentle incline made mostly of loose rock and sand as you walk out over the ridgeline to the southern tip of the peaks. Looking down into the finger canyons you’ll get a magnificent sense of the grand scale the Kolob Canyon section of the park has to offer with Timber Creek winding along the canyon floor.

To your east is the 8000’ peaks of Timber Top Mountain, to your west is Pace Knoll. Directly across the canyon to the east is Shuntavi Butte at 7300’ and on a clear day, far off in the southern distance beyond the Butte, you may catch a glimpse of the 8000’ peak of Mount Trumbull more than 100 miles away marking the northern rim of the Grand Canyon.

Enjoy the rapidly changing colors of the Utah desert sunrise or sunset. This southern tip view will grant clear and unobstructed vistas of the rising and setting sun as it reflects off the peaks and canyons. Taking in a sunrise over the Timber Creek Overlook is a wonderful way to begin your day and will inspire you to enjoy the natural beauty in all the day’s hikes ahead of you. Or if you are visiting Timber Creek Trail at the end of the day, watching the setting sun can be a lovely bookend to close out the day’s adventure and enjoy one last hiking adventure before heading out.