Month: March 2019

zion in april

Zion in April: The Best Month to Visit

As the snow melts away from Zion, Spring has finally arrived! The breathtaking winter scenes fade into luscious green pastures, with glimpses of new arrivals around the park. Flowers take bloom, while the cascading water sounds become the soundtrack to the canyon life.  The earthy fragrance lifts your senses, along with the intoxicating smells of … Read More

plants in zion national park

Plants in Zion National Park

Upon entering the majestic Zion National Park, greeting you are the more than 1,000 variety of floral vegetation. Within the 229-square-mile radios, a display of exquisite colors catches your eye. From the varying elevations, to the changing temperatures, and the fluctuating amount of rain and sunlight. These all factor into the breathtaking views that the … Read More

national parks near zion

National Parks Near Zion

On the outskirts of the sensational Zion National Park, are four other awe-inspiring national parks. They include Arches, Bryce Canon, Canyonlands, and Capitol Reef national parks. By visiting one, or all four, of the following national parks; you can say that you have captured all of Utah’s natural landscape. Finding National Parks Near Zion Each … Read More