Zion in April: The Best Month to Visit

As the snow melts away from Zion, Spring has finally arrived! The breathtaking winter scenes fade into luscious green pastures, with glimpses of new arrivals around the park. Flowers take bloom, while the cascading water sounds become the soundtrack to the canyon life.  The earthy fragrance lifts your senses, along with the intoxicating smells of the nature around you. These are all cues to dust off your hiking boots and see for yourself why April in Zion is amazing.

Biking and Hiking in Zion in April

Whether you are an adrenaline junkie, or just looking to cruise with ease; biking and hiking throughout Zion exceeds your expectations. Biking through trails like the Virgin River Rim Trail and the Hurricane Rim Loop offers the most amount of ground coverage. For an easier ride, stay on either the Goosebump Loop or the Anasazi Trail. The Gooseberry Mesa Trail provides a challenge to the seasoned mountain biker. Bike rentals are available in multiple locations. Some offer both half and full-day rentals.

If strolling through the park on foot is more to your preference, the hiking trails in Zion offers the right amount for everyone. Weeping Rock offers a quick sneak peak, as it is a shortened trail. This means that it tends to be more populated and blocks some great viewpoints. For a more energy-consuming challenge, try Angels Landing. It offers a chain-link to assist you up the sorted rocky sections. One trail that is closed during the month of April is The Narrows. Due to the snow and ice melting, it can have an overflow of water that leads to flooding.

Chasing Waterfalls

During your journey, you are bound to see at least one waterfall. Emerald Pools contains a lower, middle, and upper section. The lower section is the safest, and the easiest way to catch a glimpse. For additional scenery, combined with a stellar waterfall view, the Lower Pine Creek is the one to see. Though the falls may be smaller in size, the greenery surround the area offers amazing views to capture on camera.

Everything is in Bloom and New

The leaves have changed and are emerging in bright, vivid, colors. Encompassing the vegetation are the multiple blossoms that are now in full bloom. Peaking out from the natural beauty are the newborn wildlife of the roughly sixty plus animal species that call Zion their home. Maintain a safe distance from any animals that you may cross paths with.

Calming Climate

Layer up, as April brings to start the day with a bit of a chill. Midday through you can shed the layers and stroll around Zion in comfort. Towards the evening, the cool nights will greet you as you get ready for a relaxing night indoors.

April in Zion has everything for everyone of all ages. Whether it be that you are looking for a challenging hike or bike ride, capturing scenic views, or strolling around with your family. Zion in April is a great way to kick-start the warmer months to come.

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